Monday, July 25, 2011

Weigh In # 7: Plus Size Bloggers Tracking Challenge: Bye Bye Booties

This morning I weihed myself and came in at 200 pounds. I've been stuck here for I don't no how long. I have no idea how to make the scale budge even for a bit. At least I didn't gain weight!

In terms of eating, I have more good days than bad days. This means I've been watching what I eat and writing it down, but then there are other days when I do indulge and afterwards I feel terrible because I know I could've eaten less.

In terms of exercising, I've been riding my bike around the neigborhood a bit with my son in the front seat but I will definitely have to up my exercise time. I'm crossing my fingers that this will help me lose at least one pound next week.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weigh In # 6: Plus Size Bloggers Tracking Challenge: Bye Bye Booties

This week I thought I would have lost at least one pound but I'm still at 200 pounds. I'm still using my food journal and controlling my portions on most days, but the best of all before I go and grab something to eat it, I ask myself if I'm really hungry or if I'm just doing it becasue I'm bored and I've found out that many times I eat just for the sake of eating.

In terms of exercise, I did upper arm strength training once this week and for the most part I've just gone out walking and playing with my son at the park. Yesterday, my husband got me a bike and I went for 2 spins around the block and it was fun. My plans are to ride it every day even if it is just around the block. Later on during the week, my husband is going to pick one up for himself and we plan on going on weekend rides as a family which should be lots of fun and a good way to get in some exercise.

Hope everyone else who is on their way to losing weight did well this week!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weigh In # 5: Plus Size Bloggers Tracking Challenge: Bye Bye Booties

Last Monday I started a food journal/planned weekly menu. There were times when I had to alter some of the things on the menu, but I tried to keep it around the same amount of calories. This has really helped me to be conscientious of all the good things that I eat and of all of the junk that just creeps in. I've been carrying it around everywhere and it does help keep me on track and not skip meals or eat excessive junk food.

Although Saturday and Sunday was a whole different story. We went to visit the hubby's grandparents along with my his parents. I did well for breakfast on Saturday, but then we skipped snack time and they ussually don't do lunch so we didn't stop for that. After the almost 4 hour drive, as soon as I got to the house I started looking for things to munch on. Which turned out to be twixes and lots of chips and I don't even want to mention the rest of the day. Sunday was no better. I guess I'm going to stat packing healthy snacks for whenever we hit the road.

I got one of those plastic water jugs that is supposed to hold the equivalent of eight 8 oz bottles of water daily and I've been drinking that with a total of 2 crystal light envelopes.

My weight stayed at 200, so I guess whatever good I might have done from Monday to Friday went down the drain this weekend.

Hope you all are doing better than I am !

Monday, July 4, 2011

Weigh In # 4: Plus Size Bloggers Tracking Challenge: Bye Bye Booties

This week my weight stayed the same at 200 lbs. I'm really dissapointed in myself.  I haven't done as well as I should in terms of portion control. I had two days where I ate too much and then the day after I would eat less. This behavior only occurs when I'm at home alone with my son.  Whenever I go out I can control myself.  I wonder why I can control myself out in public and not at home.

I think I have the knowledge as to how to lose weight, the problem seems to be that I just can't seem to develop a good eating habit ( from what i read on ) I've thought about visiting a nutritionist, but I think I would end up with the same results.

Here's hoping that I can be stronger this week!